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Urticaria Day 2018

Urticariaday2018 -Do better!

The fifth international Urticariaday2018 will again take place on 1 October. This year's motto is "Do better! This wish applies to all patients in the world who suffer from urticaria, especially those who are affected by the chronic, i.e. long-lasting form of urticaria. That is currently an estimated 70 million people worldwide!

The Urticariaday should encourage all patients with urticaria not to give up but to recapture their old lives with the help of other affected patients and doctors. Encourage others too! Share your experiences on how you managed not to give up despite all the difficulties and share your experiences with all patients on or via #uday or #urticariaday. Expand your own network through the large and worldwide active urticaria community and experience support, help and assistance at any time. Because even if it sometimes feels like this: You are not alone with urticaria! Inspire others and organize your own event! How about organizing a urticaria flash mob or setting up a self-help group (if you don't have one yet)? Make your event known by sharing it on . Perhaps you can convince your doctor to offer an urticaria training for other doctors. Every contribution counts - make Urticariaday2018 successful together with us all over the world!

Who are "we"? "We" are all of us! Patients, doctors, organizations, you and me. Every person involved in Urticariaday2018 is part of the Urticaria Network. Help us to help you and other patients by telling others about Urticariaday2018. Use a variety of communication tools to share information about Urticariaday2018 on 1 October: For example on Twitter or Facebook, by linking to this page or by sharing your experiences with others!

Urticariaday2018 is supported by UCARE - Urticaria Centers of Reference and Excellence and is inspired by UNEV, the urticaria network e.V., daab e.V. and many organisations worldwide. Together we strive to improve the conditions and treatment of patients with allergies and urticaria.
The effects of Urticaria on patients daily life:

“It’s not just an itch.”

“The feeling of being allergic to yourself.”

“I’ve suffered from a number of chronic illnesses all my life but the auto immune urticaria I was diagnosed with in 2017 is by far the most debilitating of them all.”

“Coping gets exhausting.”

“The most unappreciated illness in the world, that feeling when you sleep in fear not knowing if you will be able to go to work in the morning, the endless nights of itching and scratching, and the helpless feeling that nobody can give you an answer or a resolution to your problem. Helpless, frustrated, depressing and debilitating with no appreciation”

“You can’t comprehend what it’s like until they have it.”

“I just want the understanding - that I’m not ducking out or avoiding anyone. I’m just trying to take care of myself.”

“Living with urticaria is extremely stressful as you don't know when an outbreak will occur. The general lack of awareness regarding urticaria also means a lot of explaining to non-sufferers!”