13th Jan 2020


20th Nov 2019

UCT prof leads ground-breaking pollen monitoring campaign

22nd Oct 2019

Hay fever and asthma hell as Cape Town pollen count hits new peak levels

CAPE TALK 567AM – 22 October 2019 12:37 PM by Qama Qukula Guest: Keertan Dheda | Professor People who suffer from hay fever allergies and asthma […]
8th Sep 2019

Pollen deposits contributing to global warming: Professor Jonny Peter

SABC Digital News – Published on 8 Sep 2019 This year saw some of the highest recorded pollen counts in history, which had cities from Europe […]
7th Sep 2019

Impact of pollen on public health: Prof Jonny Peter

SABC Digital News – Published on 7 Sep 2019 Scientists predict that pollen counts will quadruple in the next 20 to 30 years, making life unbearable […]
6th Sep 2019

Scientist are predicting pollen counts will quadruple in the next 20 years

eNCA – 6 September 2019 Scientist are predicting pollen counts will quadruple in the next 20 to 30 years making life unbearable for those with pollen […]
6th Sep 2019

Pollen monitoring in SA

The John Maytham Show – 5 September 2019 Guest: Prof Jonny Peter Head of the Allergy unit at UCT’s Lung Institute
4th Sep 2019

Pollen counts could quadruple in SA in coming years, warns scientists
3rd May 2019

Science & Tech: Gene therapy

30 April 2019 3:12 PM   Guest: Prof Jonny Peter | Head of Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology at UCT and Groote Schuur Hospital   […]
8th Nov 2018

Secondhand Vape Exposure May Be Risky for Asthmatic Teens

by Salynn Boyles, Contributing Writer October 29, 2018 Breathing ENDS aerosol linked to asthma attacks in study Secondhand exposure to aerosols from electronic cigarettes and other […]
18th Oct 2018

National pollen monitoring under threat

15 October 2018 7:52 AM The Kieno Kammies Show With pollen levels in Cape Town at an all time high in recent weeks, hay fever sufferers […]
3rd Oct 2018

First UCARE in Africa

    08/20/2018 We are happy to announce the successful audit of our first UCARE in Africa: The UCT Lung Institute – Allergy & Immunology Unit […]
20th Sep 2018

Health Feature: hay fever and seasonal allergies

15 September 2018 7:12 AM Africa Melane talks to Prof Jonny Peter Head of the Allergy and Immunology unit at UCT’s Lung Institute.     […]
19th Jun 2018

SA allergy medicines are based on European plants — here’s why

Sarah Wild, Business Insider SA Jun 19, 2018, 07:17 AM South Africa’s allergy tests are based on European plants. Alien plants are responsible for most allergies in […]
8th Feb 2018

5 Important Steps in Clinical Research

By UCT Lung Institute| February 6th, 2018|Research   There are various steps involved in clinical research to ensure safety and efficacy. Below find the 5 steps […]
30th Jan 2018

Would you like to participate in Clinical trials?

By AFSA| January 9th, 2018|Research By participating in clinical trials, you will have access to Doctors, Nurses, Dieticians resulting in additional medical check-ups, laboratory tests […]
19th Dec 2017

Fogarty HIV-TB training programme for UCT

 27 November 2017 | Story Supplied. Photo Supplied. The core administrative team for the Fogarty HIV-TB Training Program at UCT: Kathryn Wood, Jonny Peter, Graeme Meintjes […]
11th Oct 2017

SABC 2 Health Talk – Allergies

Watch this two-part interview with Associate Professor Jonny Peters on SABC2
13th Sep 2017
Interview with Ass. Prof Jonny Peter on SABC Expresso

Cape Drought Could Worsen Hayfever

SABC Expresso, 13 September 2017
7th Aug 2017

Is it a cold or an allergy?

At a glance, the symptoms of a cold and allergy appear similar. You’ll have a runny nose, nasal congestion, coughing, sneezing, post-nasal drip, conjunctivitis and a […]
27th Feb 2017

Could this asthma medication get a pro athlete banned?

Being an asthmatic shouldn’t hold you back from being a great sportsman – just look at Michael Phelps and David Beckham. But, as with all treatable […]
17th Dec 2016

Keep super allergies at bay

To see the interview, please go to approximately 7 minutes and 30 seconds into the video clip. E-news, 17 December 2016
24th Jun 2016

Rising stars choose to work in Africa

It is not uncommon to hear people lament the exodus of African minds to institutions overseas. Access to more funding, advanced technologies and prestige are some […]