The Biennial Conference/Workshop on Drug Resistant TB: Current Practice, Controversies and Clinical Challenges

26 - 28 October 2012

Below are the speakers' notes available as pdf downloads.
Topic Speaker Notes
Drug resistant TB: The role of the laboratory Andrew Whitelaw [ pdf]
Use of Microscopic-observation Drug
Susceptibility Assay (MODS) among drug resistant tuberculosis suspects in Harare, Zimbabwe
Beauty Makamure [ pdf]
Investigation of cross-resistance/tolerance to
anti-TB drugs in Rifampicin resistant clinical Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates
Caroline Pule [ pdf]
Linezolid-containing regimens for the treatment
of drug-resistant tuberculosis in South African children
  • P. C. Rose
  • U. M. Hallbauer
  • J. A. Seddon
  • A. C. Hesseling
  • H. S. Schaaf
[ pdf]
Challenges in the diagnosis of DR TB in HIV-infected patients Graeme Meintjes [ pdf]
Drug-resistant Tuberculosis: The urgent need for better, shorter and more tolerable treatment regimens Helen Cox [ pdf]
DR-TB medication and the effects on hearing
  • Kayleen Jacobs
  • Vivienne Lacock
[ pdf]
Current barriers to treatment adherence Jennifer Hughes [ pdf]
MGIT 2nd line drug susceptibility testing “A personal experience” Dr Johan Van Wyk [ pdf]
Later Generation Fluoroquinolones in treatment
of XDR Tuberculosis
Karen Jacobson [ pdf]
New technologies for the diagnosis of drug-resistant TB Keertan Dheda [ pdf]
Outcomes of XDR-TB in SA Keertan Dheda [ pdf]
Adverse drug reactions (AEs) and Monitoring of MDR and XDR Treatment Keertan Dheda [ pdf]
Drug Resistant TB: Human Rights and Ethical Challenges Leslie London [ pdf]
DR TB in Primary Health Care Dr Lizo Bango [ pdf]
“Diagnostic fit” of 1st and 2nd line LPA improves time to detection of M(X)DR-TB Marinus Barnard [ pdf]
Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Dr. Norbert Ndjeka [ pdf]
Drug Resistant TB – A Clinician’s Perpsective Professor Paul Willcox [ pdf]
Molecular Epidemiology and the Genesis of Drug Resistant TB in South Africa Rob Warren [ pdf]
New Drugs in MDR TB and DS-TB Rod Dawson [ pdf]
Screening and preventive therapy for MDR/XDR-TB exposed/infected
children (and adults)
H S Schaaf [ pdf]
Present and Future Use of Fluoroquinolones in Tuberculosis Issues of Disease Masking and Bacillary Resistance WW Yew [ pdf]