27th Nov 2019

Health & Wellness: What is COPD? what causes it, how to treat it & how to prevent it.

CAPE TALK 567AM – 29 November 2019 – Lunch with Pippa Hudson Guest: Richard van Zyl-Smit | Professor Pippa in conversation with Associate Professor Richard Van […]
22nd Oct 2019

Ismile Tech Report

10th Sep 2019

American Lung Association: Do Not Use E-Cigarettes

10th Sep 2019

Ismile Tech Report

9th Sep 2019

Exhaust fumes are slowly killing us, say experts

2nd Sep 2019

Vaping – you are being lied to – but by whom?

4th Jun 2019

Health – World No Tobacco Day

Expresso Show Published on 4 Jun 2019 World No Tobacco Day was commemorated on the 31st of May and this year the focus is on […]
3rd Jun 2019

World No Tobacco Day

15th Feb 2019

Paediatricians push for laws to prevent teen vaping

13 February 2019 A surge in vaping among American teens could turn back five decades of public health gains in reducing tobacco use.   Strong limits […]
8th Nov 2018

Secondhand Vape Exposure May Be Risky for Asthmatic Teens

by Salynn Boyles, Contributing Writer October 29, 2018 Breathing ENDS aerosol linked to asthma attacks in study Secondhand exposure to aerosols from electronic cigarettes and other […]
1st Nov 2018

Let’s have a Mo-ment for Mo-vember!

18th Oct 2018

Some e-cigarettes may need to halt sales after latest FDA move

Oct 12 2018 16:47 Anna Edney, Bloomberg U.S. health officials dialed up their efforts to halt an epidemic of underage electronic-cigarette use, warning tobacco companies including […]
1st Jun 2018

Long live the lung: Meet one of SA’s leading lung doctors

Health May 2018 Twelve years ago, Richard van Zyl-Smit was named one of the very first recipients of a Discovery Foundation Academic Fellowship Award. We caught […]
1st Jun 2018

Smoking and vaping: personal choice or public health hazard?

  Health May 2018 Government recently announced that it would be amending a number of South Africa’s smoking laws. But how far should they, regulatory bodies […]
10th Jan 2018


Woensdag 10 Januarie 2018   ‘n Mens sien al hoe meer mense wat e-sigarette rook, of vape. Is e-sigarette veiliger as gewone sigarette? Bevat dit enige […]
31st Mar 2017

Do cough mixtures really work?

You know you have a cough coming on – your chest starts to feel tight and there’s a constant tickle in your throat. So you head […]
28th Mar 2017

How should vaping be regulated?

South Africa’s health department has issued statements indicating its intention to adopt a no-compromise position on vaping and related products, expressing it’s intention to regulate vaping […]
29th Jan 2017

Vaping vs tobacco: a smokin’ hot issue

Johannesburg – The electronic cigarette industry is cranking up its lobbying efforts to pre-empt a range of possible regulations expected this year. The newly established Vapour […]
1st May 2016

More teenagers opt for e-cigarettes, hubbly

UCT’s Professor Richard van Zyl-Smit says more and more teenagers smoke e-cigarettes and hubbly-bubbly, a flavoured tobacco, adding that the volume of smoke one inhales from […]