CHILD Innovation


The impact of the Centre’s work is evidenced by specific advances in child lung health that have impacted on global practice, contributed to new knowledge and resulted in greater advocacy for implementation of strategies to improve child health. Examples of these are development of a low cost spacer for childhood asthma, pioneering the use of respiratory secretions and rapid testing for diagnosis of childhood TB and for use in childhood pneumonia and other diseases, novel strategies for prevention of HIV-associated lung disease such as primary isoniazid prophylaxis and development of infant and preschool lung function measurements for African children. Findings have influenced national and global guidelines such as World Health Organisation guidelines, the International Union against Tuberculosis guidelines for childhood TB and the Global Initiative for Asthma guidelines. Research has strengthened advocacy for global child health, highlighting neglected and common illnesses and contributing to the development of appropriate technology and strategies for better care of children in poorly resourced areas.