Do cough mixtures really work?

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29th March 2017
Prof Keertan Dheda interviewed on SAfm
1st May 2017

Do cough mixtures really work?

While cough medication is usually the first thing we reach for when a cough starts, experts say that cough mixtures only treat the symptoms but not the underlying cause.

You know you have a cough coming on – your chest starts to feel tight and there’s a constant tickle in your throat. So you head off to the chemist for some cough mixture to help soothe your chest. But have you ever stopped to wonder if cough mixtures actually work?

“As an acute symptomatic relief for a cough they may help but if your cough does not settle in a few days, it should not be ignored,” says Associate Professor Richard van Zyl-Smit, head of the Lung Clinical Research Unit (LCRU) at the University of Cape Town Lung Institute.

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