Smoking Cessation Symposium: Approaches and Interventions

Held on: Friday, 1 February 2013

uct_logo_smlchron_dissml_lunginstThe UCT Lung Institute held the first
Smoking Cessation Symposium in Cape Town on 1 February 2013. The afternoon symposium was attended by over 50 delegates.

Why was the symposium held?
  • Smoking continues to be a major scourge and on-going education/motivation is required to motivate staff to assist with smoking cessation work for their patients
  • There is political and social interest at present given the new proposed legislation
  • There is little teaching in the undergraduate medical school curriculum on smoking cessation.
  • To update clinicians on smoking and its consequences in South Africa
  • To update clinicians on the ethical/legal framework: Current and proposed legislation
  • To explain the approaches to smoking cessation and currently available pharmacologic options
  • To provide guidance on the psychiatric aspects of smoking cessation.
  • To introduce the role and composition of a smoking cessation clinic
Why UCT Lung Institute?
  • Clinical expertise in smoking related pulmonary diseases
  • Launching the smoking cessation clinic at Groote Schuur Hospital
  • UCT has ethicists with an interest in smoking
Target audience?
  • Faculty of Health Sciences clinical staff – all disciplines
  • University of Cape Town and Groote Schuur Staff health clinic staff
  • Local general practitioners and specialists
Key speakers included:

Dr Richard van Zyl-Smit
Head of the Lung Clinical research Unit (UCT lung Institute) and co-ordinator of the smoking cessation services at Groote Schuur Hospital

Professor Eric Bateman
Director of the UCT Lung Institute and world leader in respiratory diseases particularly COPD and Asthma

Professor David Benatar
Ethicist and Head of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Cape Town

Professor Bob Mash
Head of the Division of Family Medicine at the University of Stellenbosch

Dr Ian Lewis
Psychiatrist and Head of Emergency Psychiatric services at Groote Schuur Hospital

Look out for notification for the second symposium later on in 2013

Topic Speaker Notes
Cigarettes – a few facts you should know Dr Richard van Zyl-Smit [ pdf]
Cessation strategies, motivation, the how and why? Prof Bob Mash [ pdf]
Addiction and Withdrawal: Is quitting smoking dangerous for your health? Dr Ian Storm Lewis [ pdf]
(10.5 MB)
A reminder of the Harmful Effects of Smoking Prof Eric D Bateman [ pdf]
(14.1 MB)
The role of pharmacology in smoking cessation Dr Richard van Zyl-Smit [ pdf]
(13.9 MB)