Do cough mixtures really work?

While cough medication is usually the first thing we reach for when a cough starts, experts say that cough mixtures only treat the symptoms but not the underlying cause.

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How should vaping be regulated?

Johannesburg - The electronic cigarette industry is cranking up its lobbying efforts to pre-empt a range of possible regulations expected this year. The newly established Vapour Product Association (VPA) is trying to recruit producers and retailers of e-cigarettes and their components under a single umbrella.
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How should vaping be regulated?

South Africa's health department has issued statements indicating its intention to adopt a no-compromise position on vaping and related products, expressing its intention to regulate vaping accordingly.
However, a meeting on Wednesday, provided South Africans a long-overdue platform to propose alternate positions on what is, globally, an advanced conversation.
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More teenagers opt for e-cigarettes, hubbly

UCT’s Professor Richard van Zyl-Smit says more and more teenagers smoke e-cigarettes and hubbly-bubbly, a flavoured tobacco, adding that the volume of smoke one inhales from a hubbly is significantly higher than that inhaled from a normal cigarette.
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