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The units under the UCT Lung Institute umbrella are involved in interfacing with the diverse array of people that make up the fabric of the Metropolis. The idea behind putting time and energy into driving a community-centric initiative was borne from the Lung Institute’s desire to give something back to the Cape Town community.

Chapel Street Clinic included into the official World Design Capital 2014 programme

A collaboration between UCT Lung Institute and CPUT’s Industrial Design department has been included into the official World Design Capital 2014 programme. The Chapel Street Clinic redesign and refurbishment has included various design elements being explored with a number of them being taken to prototype by CPUT. The aim of the collaborative endeavour has been to tackle aspects such as patient flow and waiting times, communication and generally enhancing the user friendliness of the space by involving various stakeholders. The outcomes of the collaboration will see a design toolkit being released in June 2014 based on the lessons learnt from this particular project in the context of public healthcare facilities.

Thank you for making it possible

The refurbishment of Chapel Street Clinic in Woodstock has been made possible by the Lewis Group’s generous donation of R1 million. The refurbishment project is currently underway and is due to be completed by the end of July. The Institute would like to thank the Lewis Group as well as the following contributors:

  • Global TB Alliance: Donation of R26 000 to be used in bringing the message of curing and stopping TB to the public through workshops at the clinic and refurbishment of the TB area
  • David Matthews Painting and Waterproofing Contractors: Donation of labour and materials to paint paediatric and TB rooms
  • Dulux Paints: Donation of paint for exterior of building
  • Red and Yellow Design School: Collaboration on graphic design/surface design aspects of refurbishment
  • CPUT’s Industrial Design department: Generation of design booklet with the focus on improving the user experience within the clinic and involvement of BTech students in taking the ideas generated to prototype

Follow the UCTLI4community blog for regular updates on the project’s progress

2012 Chapel Street Renovation

– Please assist us to bring healthcare to the community
Following on from the 2010 Chapel Street renovation, a decision was taken to extend the renovation effort at this clinic. Fundraising is currently underway to renovate the space in its entirety. The project at Chapel Street is a pilot initiative through which the Lung Institute hopes to forge a sustainable collaboration with local business in renovating numerous clinics throughout the city. Through these projects the Lung Institute aims to honour the tireless work performed by the City of Cape Town’s Health department.

As part of the local community we would like to appeal to you as local business to help us the UCT Lung Institute invest in the improvement and upliftment of the clinic and ultimately the Woodstock community for future generations.

Should you wish to discuss this project further or require further information, please contact:
Dr Carolyn Whale
tel: +27 (0)21 406 7747
e-mail: [email protected]

Dr Rod Dawson
tel: +27 (0)21 406 6864
e-mail: [email protected]

2010 Chapel Street Renovation

2010 saw the UCT Lung Institute renovating a portion of the Chapel Street Clinic for the purpose of the Employee Wellness Programme. This very successful endeavour has meant that patient privacy and confidentiality is maintained as well as providing an appealing and user-friendly environment for patients.



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Chapel Street Clinic – Chapel Street Clinic plays a vital role in providing healthcare to the local community delivering invaluable services on a daily basis. Emphasis is placed on child health and an extensive program for infants and children is provided by a group of capable and experienced staff. Another area of high priority is the implementation of the National Tuberculosis Program where patients are both screened and treated for TB. In addition to the above the clinic provides a unique service to City of Cape Town’s staff members in the form of the Employee Wellness programme. This programme confidentially monitors members of the City Council who are living with HIV/AIDS and provides support and counselling to family members of these employees. City Health has also committed to rolling out a program for antenatal care making it a clinic which will be invested right from the very beginning of a child’s life as well as providing exemplary maternal healthcare. An already established drive to provide women with the unique healthcare required means that the City of Cape Town has positioned the clinic to deliver a holistic service in the true sense of the word.