Programmes & Services

Facilities and Activities
  • State of the art clinic room
  • Clinical laboratory equipment
  • Research laboratory equipment
  • Aerobiology pollen monitoring
  • Clinical trials (local and international)
  • Office lung function testing
  • Routine and specialised allergen skin prick testing
  • Double blind placebo controlled and open food challenges
  • Drug allergy titrated skin testing
  • Full resuscitation trolley
  • National Asthma Education Programme (NAEP) trained sisters
  • Subspecialist allergist consultants
  • Medical officers trained in allergies (adults and children)
  • General clinics in adult, adolescent and paediatric allergy
  • Patient education in allergy (& patient information brochures)
  • Doctor education in allergy (CME, registrar, GP training)
  • Volumetric air sampling
  • Undergraduate and post graduate training and research in allergy
  • Telephone advisory service in allergy (industry, media, medical journals, Ethics Committee)
  • Special interest in complement immunodeficiency and hereditary angioedema
  • Self initiated clinical laboratory research
  • Collaborative research (local and international)
  • Specialised allergy laboratory services for the NHLS (Groote Schuur & Red Cross Hospitals) and private laboratories
  • NRF funded basic research projects
Research Outputs
A. Ongoing Basic Research:
  1. Diagnosis and follow up of latex allergy in Western Cape hospitals (ongoing studies using micro array and 10 year follow up questionnaires).
  2. Characterization of indigenous African allergens (e.g. porcupine, antelope, African fruits).
    Utility of the sulphido leukotriene release test (CAST) in patients on grass immunotherapy (SLIT) and patients with angioedema.
  3. Collaborative research with the University of Cardiff in the area of complement C6 deficiency.
  4. Studies of the aerobiology spectrum of the Cape Peninsula.
B. Applied Research (completed & ongoing):
  1. Pharmacokinetic studies of novel antihistamines in young children.
  2. Studies of a bradykinin receptor antagonist in patients with hereditary angioedema.
  3. Long term efficacy and safety of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory topical treatment for children with atopic eczema.
  4. Clinical trials on new inhaled steroids and combination inhaled therapy for children and adults with asthma.
  5. Studies on the long term safety of long acting beta agonists in asthma.
  6. Studies on efficacy and safety and quality of life of novel antihistamines and sublingual immunotherapy.
  7. Studies of safety and efficacy of novel biologicals in asthma.
C. Student Research Projects:
  1. Projects for Student Special Modules (e.g. angioedema, bee venom, asthma), sensitivity to preservatives such as sodium benzoate.
  2. PhD Student: An analysis of 30 years aerobiological monitoring in the Western Cape.
  3. Training for the MPhil Allergology degree.
Clinical Service/Outreach
  1. General allergy consultation service for private patients and patients from the tertiary hospitals requiring specialised procedures or investigations.
  2. An immunotherapy clinic for initiation and follow up of sublingual immunotherapy and administration of venom immunotherapy.
  3. A comprehensive allergy diagnosis laboratory service for the Lung Institute, the NHLS, and private laboratories.
  4. A telephonic advisory service for doctors in South Africa requiring help with management of allergy patients in practice.
  5. The maintenance of an immunodeficiency register linked to the SA National Immunodeficiency Register (on line).
  6. The provision of pollen counts using the Burkard spore trap for planning clinical trials in allergic rhinitis and for guiding immunotherapy and seasonal pharmacotherapy.
  7. The provision of clinical consultation service at Groote Schuur Hospital and Red Cross Hospital allergy clinics, wards and ICUs.
  8. The training of doctors for the Diploma in Allergy and sub-specialization in Allergology.
  9. Training of nurses for the National Asthma Education Programme Education Diploma.
  10. Information for patients and doctors (allergy education brochures, protocols for desensitization and treatment algorithms).
  11. Regular reviewing for the Ethics and Research Committee of the University of Cape Town.
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