Allergy Diagnostic & Clinical Research Unit

The Allergy Diagnostic & Clinical Research Unit (ADCRU) of the UCT Lung Institute serves as a centre for the investigation, diagnosis and management of allergic diseases.

It has 5 main areas of operation:

  • A state of the art diagnostic and research Allergology laboratory for investigation of allergic reactions to environmental agents, including several allergens unique to Southern Africa.
  • A clinical trial section research unit focusing on studies of paediatric and adult asthma, rhinitis, urticaria, eczema, allergen immunotherapy and allergy diagnosis.
  • Specialist allergy clinics for investigation and treatment of children and adults with allergic diseases, with a special focus on sublingual and subcutaneous allergen immunotherapy, food allergy, chronic urticaria and drug allergy.
  • Training of undergraduates and postgraduates students in clinical and laboratory aspects of Allergology.
  • Postgraduate training of subspecialist allergists

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