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We have a registered nurse which specialises in Immunotherapy. We mainly do injections on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Some Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons until 2:30 -3:00 can be done but this will need to be confirmed before booking.

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Immunotherapy Information

Please note that we do not offer Immunotherapy that treat Cancer

Bee Injection Information

Firstly, check your calendars as you need to come weekly for roughly 16weeks for the build-up. No sport or exercise on the day of the injection.
You need to take an antihistamine on the day of the injection a MINIMUM of half an hour before. If you are coming around 12 you can still take it in the morning before school, or work.
When you arrive your vital signs will be checked where after the injection will be given. You will need to sit for a half an hour, then all the vitals are repeated.
Please plan for around 45min – 1 hour per visit.


Immunotherapy for insect sting allergies is a series of allergy shots given to reduce your sensitivity to allergens that cause an allergic reaction. Small doses of allergens are injected under the skin. Over time, allergy shots can reduce the severity of your reaction to allergens. To treat allergies to insect stings, very small amounts of the venom of the insect or insects are used. The treatment also is sometimes called venom immunotherapy (VIT).
Immunotherapy is available to treat allergies to stings from: Honeybees; Yellow jackets; Hornets; Paper wasps; Fire ants.
A solution of dilute saline containing a very small amount of the insect venom is injected under the skin. At first, you get one or more shots about once a week. The amount of allergen injected is slightly increased each time, unless you have a reaction to the shot.
After about 4 to 6 months of weekly shots, you are usually getting an optimal amount of allergen in the shot—this is called the maintenance dose. After you reach maintenance level, you get the same dose in shots every 4 weeks for another 4 to 6 months. After the first year of shots, you will have maintenance shots every 6 to 8 weeks over the next 3 to 5 years.

Important Note

Please take note that you need to be either referred by your GP/ Specialist/ Pediatrician before starting the immunotherapy. Alternatively, you can see one of our doctors for a consultation.

Immunotherapy Contact Details

For more information please contact Sr Donna Van Der Walt on:
Tel: 021 406 6886 or [email protected]

2017 Immunotherapy Costs:




0210 Emergency Kit & Consultation R165.00
0199 Chronic Medication – Immunotherapy R450.00
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